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Let’s talk about our necks…

Chances are, you've dedicated a decent amount of time to taking care of the skin on your face, while practically ignoring your neck—a decision you may now regret. Not only is your neck going through the same wear and tear, but it's also typically the first area of the body to show signs of aging.

Genetics and hormonal fluctuations can also influence collagen and elastin production all over our bodies, including the neck. Together, these factors can cause the neck's texture to alter—a line here, a droop there, and eventually (sigh), the crepe effect.

But don't shop for turtlenecks and scarves just yet!!!

There are ways to reverse the signs of aging in our neck. 

November’s promotions are all about treatments to help!!!


~Thread Neck Lift- Minimum of 8 threads to help lift sagging skin, $1000 off! Now $3000.


~Kybella- This medicine is injected in the chin area to help rid of a double-chin! $250 off. Now $1000.


~Neck Toxin- This treatment uses either Dysport or Xeomin to help smooth the lines in the neck area. $100 off. Now $400.


~Neck Body Glow- This treatment uses diluted filler to plump and rejuvenate the skin on the neck. $250 off. Now $1000.


Call 973-992-1233 for more information and to schedule. These offers expire on November 30, 2021.